Opening plenary

2016年11月21日10:00     来源:人民网-人民视频

  The 9th Global Conference on Health Promotion (GCHP) is being held in Shanghai from Nov. 21 to 24, 2016. The theme of the conference is “Promoting Health through Sustainable Development Goals: Health for All and All for Health.” It is organized by the National Health and Family Planning Commission of the China (NHFPC), together with the World Health Organization (WHO); the municipal government of Shanghai is hosting. Attendees include those working on health initiatives from member states of WHO, representatives of UN agencies, several countries' health ministers, Healthy City mayors and experts in international health and sustainable development.

  The conference will last for three and a half days. The main agenda is as follows:

  Day 1 (Nov. 21): Opening ceremony and opening plenary in the morning, opening plenary (continued) and mayors' forum in the afternoon, to which about 100 mayors from China and abroad are invited.

  Day 2 (Nov. 22): "Cross-sect Action" session in the morning and "Social Mobilization" session in the afternoon.

  Day 3 (Nov. 23): "China Day" – forum and exhibition in the morning, followed by on-site group visits to districts and counties of Shanghai.

  Day 4 (Nov. 24): "Health Literacy" forum and closing ceremony in the morning.

  The video shows the opening plenary on the morning of Nov. 21.